How to Report Bots on Instagram: 3 Easy Methods

If you are using a public Instagram account with real content on it like photos, posts, stories, and videos, On your account, if you notice some suspicious activities like unknown likes, comments, or any other activity without their real recognition, then it might be an automatic bot that is built for such activities. The usage of bots and fake reach techniques is famous on Instagram. People build a good audience on their accounts with 100% fake followers and sell them for various purposes. This guide will show you how to report bots on Instagram.

how to report bots on Instagram

How Bots can harm your Instagram account

Using bots for fake following and engagement or getting fake reach through bots—both methods are not safe for your original Instagram account. Using bots in any way can destroy your original impact and branding on your Instagram account because these bots are now easily detectable, and anyone can know that you are using bots. When your original followers come to know that most of the following and engagement are fake, they run away with a possible report, which can ban your account. This is also against the terms and conditions of Instagram. So in short, avoiding booting is a quite safe method to bring real results to your Instagram accounts for both your personal and business branding.For more insights into optimizing your Instagram strategy, check out our article on the Top Reasons for Losing Followers on Instagram

How to report bots on Instagram

Bots on Instagram are annoying, and you can report them in multiple ways. Scammers usually use them to automate some important tasks on their accounts, like commenting, following, posting, and unfollowing. Many bots are designed in such a way that they can also send direct messages to you and other accounts in bulk. Bots are strictly against the terms and conditions of Instagram; therefore, they are not safe to use for you or against any other user. Instagram bots are used for two important purposes by scammers or fake marketers:

1) To do automatic tasks without any hustle, and 2) To Gain a fake fan following and sell it later. Instagram itself tries hard to remove such bots within no time, but if you find some such activities by bots, you can directly report them to Instagram to take immediate action against those fake accounts. Follow these steps to report bots on Instagram:

  • 1. Run the Instagram app on your device
  • 2. Check the bot account and verify its identification as a bot.
  • 3. Now visit the bot’s account and go to its profile page.
  • 4. Tap on three dots in the top-right corner
  • 5. Tap on Report.

After pressing the “Report” option, there are some other important steps and questions Instagram will ask you to make sure the report is genuine. After pressing the “Report button”, follow these steps to report a bot on Instagram:

1. In response to the question “Why are you reporting this account?” press the “Report Account” option

2. Pick the proper reason to report from the given reason list. 

After this last step, you have done everything about reporting a bot account on Instagram. In a few hours or days, Instagram will let you know if they have removed it and found it to be bot spam according to their terms and conditions. 

How to get rid of Instagram Stories

f bots are viewing your stories and you want to remove them, you can also end their views by following these steps:

1. Go to Instagram Stories and swipe up to see the viewers

2. Tap on the dot icon there, just next to that account name. 

3. Now select the “Hide Your Story” option

With these three simple steps, these bots will not be able to see your stories for any kind of benefit.  

How to get rid of Instagram spam bot comments

The primary method that scammers use on your original account is to leave spam comments on bots. comments. This may be for their business promotion or any other kind of spam. To stop such unwanted comments, filter out them and get comments only from your original followers

Method 1: Comment Filtering on Instagram

With this method, you can stop most of the bot’s games on your Instagram account. To filter your account comments effectively, follow these steps:

1. Open your Instagram account

2. Go to “Settings and Privacy.”

3. Select “Hidden Words. All the”

4. Turn the “Advance Comment filtering” toggle on

5. Select “Manage Custom Words and Phrases”. Here you can write all the words and phrases that you want to block. 

Method 2: Be aware of popular Hashtags

Find the popular hashtags used by bots on various Instagram accounts and try to avoid them in your original posts. Only using relevant hashtags related to your post and account is a good practice to avoid bots on your account. 

Method 3: Use Instagram Support

You can report unwanted posts, comments, and accounts directly by using the abuse and spam feature of Instagram support. Tap on unwanted such activities and tell Instagram to support that these are not posted by you and are against your (Instagram) policy and common guidelines of terms and conditions. This is the best built-in reporting system on Instagram. You can report any bot activity anonymously using this feature of support.

How can I stop spam bots on Instagram?

By following these simple steps, you can stop bots on your Instagram account:

1. Use your account as Private.”

2. Block the bot account after spotting it.

3. Report it to Instagram’s support


This is how you can simply report bots on your Instagram account. Bots and fake accounts are a real headache for public Instagram accounts and business pages. First, spot them and then report them according to the guidelines given in this blog. Bots are not good for your natural following and can harm your original account. You can block and report the bot’s different activities on Instagram, like their profiles, commenting, liking, and story viewing features. With these simple steps, you can make your account real, organic, and natural for the original followers of your niche and business.

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