How to See Sent Follow Requests on Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide

With over a billion active users, Instagram has made its mark as one of the world’s most beloved social media platforms. For many, sending and receiving follow requests is a daily activity. But have you ever wondered about how to see sent follow requests on Instagram and haven’t gotten a response to? Whether you’re curious about that friend who hasn’t accepted your request or wants to clutter your pending requests, or whats the reason of loosing followers on Instagram this guide will show you step-by-step how to view your sent follow recommendations on Instagram.

how to see sent request on Instagram

Why Would You Want to Check Sent Follow Requests?

Before diving into the how-to, let’s address the why:

  • Awareness: Keeping track of who you’ve contacted can give you insights into your social behavior.
  • Clean Up: Periodically, withdraw requests sent to inactive users or reconsider certain connections.
  • Re connection: You may have improved your profile and want old requests to see your newer, shinier Instagram persona.

Checking Sent Follow Requests: A Step-by-Step Guide:

Below is a detailed step-by-step breakdown to help you quickly navigate this task.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram Mobile App

Begin by accessing Instagram from your smartphone or tablet. The method to view sent follow requests is predominantly available on the mobile app and not the desktop version. Ensure you’re using the latest app version for TopFollow for the best experience.

Step 2: Access Your Profile

Your profile is the hub of all your Instagram activities. To reach it, tap on the profile icon. This symbol typically appears as a slight silhouette of your current profile picture, positioned in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: The Hamburger Menu

At the top right corner of your profile page, you will notice three horizontal lines stacked atop one another. Commonly referred to as the “hamburger menu” due to its resemblance to the iconic food item, this symbol is your gateway to various Instagram settings and features

Step 4: Delving Into Settings

Once you’ve tapped the hamburger menu, a sidebar will slide out, presenting a list of options. One of these options will be labelled “Settings,” typically represented by a gear or cog icon. Tap on it to enter the core settings of your Instagram account.

Step 5: Navigating to the ‘Privacy’ Section

Inside the Settings menu, you’ll be presented with an array of categories governing different aspects of your Instagram experience. To proceed, scroll through these options until you spot the “Privacy” label. This section lets you manage who sees your content and how you interact with others on the platform.

Step 6: Unearthing ‘Access Data

Under the “Privacy” settings, there’s a subsection labelled “Connections.” Within this segment, you will find an option named “Access Data.” This section provides insights into various account activities, including your interactions and your shared content.

Step 7: Identifying Your Sent Follow Requests

Within the “Access Data” details, you’ll have to do a bit of scrolling. As you move down the list, you will eventually find an option that reads “Current follow requests.” Besides, a number will indicate the total count of your pending follow requests – these are the users you’ve contacted but haven’t received a response from.

Step 8: Viewing the Full List

To see the usernames and profiles of those you’ve sent follow requests to, tap the “View All” link beside the current follow requests count. This action will reveal a list, allowing you to view each user and revisit their profiles if desired.

How to See Sent Follow Requests on Instagram Using a Desktop PC

Accessing How to See Sent Follow Requests on Instagram Desktop here is  Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Accessing Instagram on Your Desktop

  • Start by launching your preferred web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, on your desktop PC.
  • Navigate to
  • If you aren’t automatically logged in, key in your Instagram account details to access your profile.

2. Navigating to Instagram’s In-depth Settings

Once you’re on your profile page, look for the ‘Hamburger’ icon, three stacked horizontal lines, usually located at the bottom left corner. This icon is your gateway to Instagram’s extended settings on the desktop.

3. Exploring Your Activity

From the menu that slides out, locate and click on “Your activity”. This section provides a comprehensive view of various activities related to your account, including interactions, shared content, and more.

4. Delving into Data Downloads

Within the “Your activity” section, you’ll notice an option labelled “Download your information”. Clicking this will lead you to a page where Instagram allows you to request a comprehensive download of all your data.

5. Initiating the Download

  • On the “Get a copy of your information” page, provide an email address where you’d like to receive the data. Remember, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the email associated with your Instagram account.
  • Choose the ‘HTML’ option and proceed by clicking “Next”. Instagram might hint that the process could take up to 14 days, but more often than not, it’s much quicker.

6. Awaiting Your Data

Keep an eye on your inbox. Once Instagram finishes compiling your data, you’ll receive an email containing a link to download this information.

7. Initiating the Final Download

You’ll be directed back to Instagram’s site by clicking the link in the email. You might need to provide your password for verification. After this, the download will commence. Once the download completes, locate the zip file and extract its contents.

8. Diving into the Data

Inside the main extracted folder, you’ll find various subfolders detailing different facets of your Instagram activity. Navigate to the “followers_and_following” subfolder.

9. Unearthing the Pending Follow Requests

Within this sub folder, look for a file named “pending_follow_requests.html”. Opening this file will reveal a list of usernames—these are accounts you’ve requested to follow but haven’t received approval from. If this file is absent, congrats! It means you have no lingering follow requests.

Managing Sent Follow Requests

Now that you know how to view these requests, you might wonder what you can do with this list:

  • Withdraw Requests: If you no longer want to follow someone, you can withdraw your request by visiting their profile and tapping the “Requested” button. It will then change to the “Follow” button.
  • Re-send Requests: For accounts that might not have seen your request, you may withdraw your initial request and send a new one, bringing you to their attention.


A: Yes, you can cancel a sent request by going to the profile of the user you’ve sent a request to and selecting “Cancel Request.”

Instagram keeps a record of your current pending follow requests until they are either accepted or denied. If a user doesn’t take action, the request will remain in your pending list indefinitely.

A: If a user has accepted or declined your follow request, they won’t appear in the pending list. Only current, unanswered requests will show up.


As Instagram continues to evolve, features and settings might shift. But as of now, this comprehensive guide should help you quickly navigate and manage your sent follow requests. Remember, Instagram, like all social media, is a tool. Use it to curate your connections and build a community that resonates with your interests and values. 

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