How to Use Top Follow App In 2023? A Step By Step Guide

Everyone on the internet needs popularity with their fans and followers on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. To gain real followers with a real identity and engagement is a tough thing that requires a lot of hard work, time-consuming, and connections. On the internet, some people have the badge of public figure or influencer, in such a race, you have to build good numbers of followers and engagement on your social accounts. Although there are many bots and unnecessary apps available to gain fake followers and likes, most of them are easily detectable and against the terms and conditions of social platforms. We have also a guide on Top Follow Login Problem.

How to Use Top Follow App In 2023?

TopFollow app comes with a real job of gaining original followers without being caught in the terms and conditions or community guidelines of famous social media platforms like Instagram. Want to play with a really big number of followers and engagement on Instagram then the Top Follow app is a wonderful choice for you to test it on your Instagram account. This is the fastest way to increase your followers on your Instagram account With some restrictions and cautions you can use it for gaining original followers.

What is Top Follow App?

TopFollow is a social media free boosting app available on both Ois and Android app stores. Top Follow is developed by a well-known JuliaDeveloping team. The app has multiple amazing features like an easy interface, simple and elegant designs, and free-to-use. Using this free boosting Instagram app you can get more free followers and likes with simple and easy steps. The app also gives you top-notch famous hashtags that work perfectly in reaching your posts and photos to the maximum number of people who are following that hashtags. This is a simple, easy, and free way to promote your Instagram account.

You can increase your followers on your Instagram account and can get many likes and clicks on your Instagram photos and posts. All you need is to follow the given hashtags by TopFollow. This method of getting followers and likes on your account is genuine and there are no terms and conditions restrictions when using this wonderful app.  This app will also help you get comments and real engagement on your Instagram posts and photos. This is a wonderful alternative way for those people who want to promote their Instagram content for free. And if your Instagram account is connected with your Facebook account you can also get followers on Facebook through this platform.

How to use the Top Follow App?

Using the TopFollow app on your smartphone is easy and simple. First of all, you have to download and get the original compatible app file for your device. You can download it from below.

Always remember to download from the official resources of the TopFollow app. Once you have downloaded the app then follow these steps and learn how to use the Top Follow app on any device:

  •  Install the Topfollow app on your device
  • Open it and create your account or sign in with your already existing account
  • Connect your Instagram account that you want to promote with TopFollow. (To test things with real-time results you have to create a fake or demo account with the TopFollow app)
  • Check the “Save Account” option
  • Solve the Captcha puzzle
  • Now enter your target username where you want followers and likes.
  • And click on “Start”
  • Use your in-app credits to gain more followers
  • Go to your Instagram account and check those followers and enjoy 

How to get unlimited TopFollow coins?

Top Follow is a coin-based app that works for you to bring real followers by spending coins on this app. By doing some simple in-app tasks you can get these coins for free but for a huge number of coins, you have to buy them from their official resources. Once you have unlimited coins you can use them to get more followers and extra engagement on your Instagram account. One of the best ways to get unlimited coins from TopFollow is to use its modified version on your device. But to use a modified app on your device can be a risky job before downloading and installing it on your device make sure it is from an authentic resource not from a scam or fake means. 

How to Get More Instagram Followers Using Top Follow App?

TopFollow is one of the best apps to get real followers on your Instagram but that doesn’t mean you’ll use it blindly without some specific important steps. Here are a few steps you can use to get the real benefit of Top Follow:

  • Make super working marketing strategies for your Instagram account
  • Optimize your Instagram account like description and account keywords
  • Never forget to use name tags for Instagram
  • Schedule your future content 
  • Always change your important stories into “Highlights”
  • Make a wonderful Insta grid
  • Don’t forget to follow your niche-related accounts manually
  • Wise use of your content-relevant hashtags
  • Tag your relevant followers and important locations

Along with these methods when you use the TopFollow app your results will be close to 100% in a few days.

How Does Top Follow App Work?

Although third-party apps like TopFollow do have not direct access to Instagram’s Data and their official APIs they use some hacks to bring real results. The hacks used by these platforms are not against the terms and conditions of Instagram. In terms of getting real followers, they use accurate methods without being caught on the community guideline radar. As the significant mechanism of this app depends on purchasing followers therefore they care about their business and Instagram’s policy as well. You can freely use such apps that use recommended and approved methods of getting followers but before using these apps you have to check the rating and reviews on various stores. 

Top Follow Features

Enjoy this great app with its core amazing features. Here are some of the wonderful features that make it unique and more powerful than other same-task apps:

  • Ads Free
  • 100% Free
  • Increase your Followers Daily
  • Simple and Easy Interface
  • Smart ways to promote your account and content
  • Earn coins and get followers
  • Be popular in just a matter of few days
  • Use multiple Instagram accounts and promote them
  • Daily Free Coins & Promo Codes


If you want to get promoted in a few days without any big hustle, then TopFollow is here to help you. This app is specially developed for Instagram only. To have the actual app on your device, you need to download it from reasonable and official resources like Google Play Store and its official website. TopFollow is an easy-to-install and use app anyone can use it without learning anything about it. With some techniques and tasks, you can get unlimited coins on this platform and then change those coins into your real Instagram followers. Download it now and enjoy increasing your Instagram followers. Happy engaging with huge numbers…!

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