Navigating Instagram Limits: A Comprehensive 2023 Guide

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms today. But with such immense scale comes the need to implement certain limits to ensure smooth functioning. Understanding Instagram’s various limits is crucial for growing your account successfully while avoiding unwanted restrictions.

This comprehensive guide will dive into the essential Instagram limits you need to know in 2023, how your account affects restrictions, what happens when you exceed limits, and expert tips to organically grow within the platform’s boundaries.

Instagram limit for a day and hour

Why Does Instagram Limit Activity?

nstagram enforces limits on liking, commenting, following, and posting for a few core reasons:

Prevent spam and bot accounts. 

 Limits make it hard for bots to exploit the platform at scale. This maintains integrity.

Manage server load

With over a billion active users, their systems must handle immense traffic. Limits prevent crashes and maintain uptime.

Ensure a positive user experience

Limits reduce disruptive content like spam comments that degrade the user experience.

Maintain fair use

Demanding high activity from overloaded servers is restricted to ensure fair platform use. 

Reduce harmful behavior

Quick follow/unfollow patterns can feel harassing. Limits curtail extreme behavior.

Exceeding these boundaries frequently flags accounts as suspicious, leading to bans. Respecting Instagram’s limits allows genuine accounts to thrive.

Fundamental Instagram Limits to Know in 2023

Let’s explore some of the most influential Instagram limits that you should keep top of mind:

Limits on Likes

  • 1,000 likes per day- This is most accounts’ approximate maximum daily limit.
  • 60-100 likes per hour for new accounts – Start conservatively until you understand your limits.
  • 100-150 likes per hour for established accounts – Older accounts with more followers enjoy higher limits.

Restriction on Comments

  • 60-100 comments per day – Comment sparingly and space out over time.
  • 5-10 comments per hour – Avoid large bursts of commenting activity.

Limits on Follows and Unfollows 

  • 200 follows or unfollows per day – Daily actions should be under this threshold.
  • 10 follows or unfollows per hour – Trickle these activities evenly hourly.

Story Posting Limits

  • Post unlimited stories per day– Feel free to share lots of visual stories! 
  • 15-second max per story – Clips exceeding 15 seconds are segmented automatically.

 Live Video Limits

60 minutes max per broadcast -but most live videos are under 20 minutes.

 IGTV Video Limits 

  • 60 minutes max – IGTV is ideal for longer-form vertical video content.  

Reels Limits

  • 90 seconds max per reel – Reels have emerged as a popular short-form video format.

How Your Account Age and Followers Impact Limits

The age of your account and the number of followers are vital factors that impact the limits imposed:

  • New accounts – More restrictive limits prevent spam sign-ups.
  • Established accounts – Older accounts with more followers get higher limits.
  • Low followers – Accounts with minimal followers have lower limits. 
  • High followers – Limits scale-up for accounts with large audiences.

Your engagement rate also matters. Thoughtfully engaging others can slightly boost limits versus automated bot behavior.

What Happens When You Exceed Instagram Limits 

If you exceed Instagram limits too frequently, here’s what can happen:

  • Action blocked – The “Try Again Later” error message appears.
  • Account disabled – Instagram might ban your account for 24-48 hours.
  • Shadowban – Your content reach, and visibility may be secretly throttled. 
  • Permanent ban – Repeated violations can lead to permanent account deletion.

Since the exact thresholds are private, knowing when restrictions hit is impossible. The safest approach is to maintain reasonable activity levels as you grow.

Expert Tips to Stay Within Instagram’s Limits

Here are some pro tips to expand your Instagram following while respecting platform limits:

  • Start slowly – Gradually scale up daily likes, comments, and follows. Don’t begin at max levels.
  • Focus on quality over quantity – Grow by engaging with your niche community, not via mass spamming.
  • Avoid duplicate comments – Copy-pasting the same comments is flagged as spam.
  • Use scheduling tools – Strategically stagger posts and activities throughout the day and week.
  • Track your limits – Use a social media dashboard to monitor how close you are to maxing out limits.
  • Stay updated on changes – Since Instagram frequently evolves limits, stay in the know.

Best Practices to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

The most sustainable approach is to grow your Instagram account authentically within the platform’s guidelines. Here are some best practices:

  • Post engaging, high-quality photos and videos – Deliver content your audience loves consistently.
  • Optimize hashtags and captions – Well-tagged and written posts improve discoverability and reach.
  • Run contests and giveaways – Creative promotions incentivize follows and shares.
  • Engage frequently through comments and replies – Two-way interactions humanize your brand.
  • Promote your account cross-channel – Drive followers from other social networks. 
  • Partner with influencers – Sponsor posts and co-marketing to expand your audience.
  • Leverage Instagram ads – Targeted paid ads help discover new niche followers. 
  • Analyze performance and iterate – Learn from metrics to refine your content and growth strategy.


No, Instagram does not limit you to daily posts you can publish. You can share as frequently as you want. Yet the focus on quality louds greater than quantity.

Yes, you can post an unlimited amount of Stories per day. The sole constraint is each Story segment can last 15 seconds max. Leverage Stories to give followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your brand, daily life, or event reporting.

On each post, there is a limit of approximately 30 hashtags. But best practices recommend 8-12 selective hashtags so your caption remains readable. Mix branded and community hashtags to increase reach.

Affirmative Instagram Live videos are limited to 60 uninterrupted minutes. But most live streams are under 30 minutes to keep the audience’s attention.

The Key Takeaway on Instagram Limits

Mastering Instagram means growing your account thoughtfully within the platform’s guards against spammy behavior. While specific limits aren’t disclosed, staying within reasonable daily and hourly volumes for liking, commenting, following, and posting will ensure your account remains in good standing.Focus on organic, authentic relationship-building rather than automation and mass activity. With a strategic, high-quality approach the sky’s the limit on Instagram!

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