Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram? How to See and Deal with Lost Followers

Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram?

Do you ever wonder if someone has unfollowed you on Instagram? The sinking feeling when you notice your follower count dropped overnight – who was it? Did I offend them with my latest silly selfie? Are my travel photos getting boring? Instagram doesn’t tell you who decided to unfollow you. The app shows your fluctuating follower count, but doesn’t reveal the identities of those fickle former fans. Fortunately, third party apps promise to uncover the mystery and expose those mean unfollowers. But can you really trust what they show you?

But don’t worry, in this article, we’re going to unravel the secrets behind unfollowing on Instagram and help you understand what you can do if you’re curious about who’s no longer following you and you can also See Sent Follow Requests on Instagram . It’s time to don our sleuthing caps and explore the mysteries of vanished Instagram followers!

Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram

Methods to View Your Instagram Unfollowers

Regrettably, Instagram lacks its own feature to show who stopped following you. It’s akin to a jigsaw puzzle with some missing pieces Though, some external apps allege they can assist in solving this enigma.

Apps like Followers Tracker Insight, FollowMeter, Followers Reports+, and Followers Unfollowers can supposedly show you exactly who unfollowed you on Instagram. They work by connecting to your Instagram account, with your permission. Once set up, the app starts tracking your profile, recording unfollowers from that point on.

In Followers Tracker Insight, simply tap on the Followers Lost card on the homepage to view a list of users who have unfollowed you recently. You can even visit each profile to double that they no longer follow you. Other apps have similar menus to expose your unfollowers.

These apps might sound exciting, but prudence is key when utilizing them. Sometimes, they might not work as promised, or they may jeopardize your account’s safety.  It is wise to be doubtful and use them wisely. 

Risks of Using Third Party Apps

While these apps seem like a quick fix, they come with significant risks. Instagram restricts access to follower data, so these apps violate the terms of service. You could get banned for using them!

More importantly, security flaws in these apps could expose your account to hacking attempts or data theft. And if the developer shuts down the app or sells it to someone with bad intentions, your privacy is jeopardized further.

Instagram also likes changing its rules and access requirements. So an app working perfectly one day could stop functioning the next, leaving you in the dark about your unfollowers again.

How to Unfollow Back

Once you’ve discovered who unfollowed you using these apps, you might feel tempted to return the favor. Apps like Followers Tracker Insight have dedicated menus like “Not Following Me Back” to easily unfollow those mean deserters.

Simply tap the Unfollow button next to any account you wish to unfollow back. For multiple accounts, tap the Edit button, select all, and tap Unfollow. But recall – retribution fosters endless harm!

What is the Unfollow Limit on Instagram?

Imagine you’re in a candy store, and there’s a rule that you can’t pick too many candies at once. Well, Instagram has a similar rule when it comes to unfollowing accounts. To prevent misuse and spam, Instagram has set a limit on how many accounts you can unfollowed in a certain time period. If you exceed this limit, Instagram might think you’re up to something fishy and could temporarily block your unfollowing activities. So, it’s like taking small bites of your candy, rather than gobbling it all up at once!  

How to Unfollow on Instagram?

 Let’s say you’re following someone, but their posts aren’t as interesting as they used to be. No worries, you can unfollow them! Here’s how: Visit their profile, tap the “Following” button, and it will change to “Follow.” Voila! You’ve successfully unfollowed that account. Unfollowing accounts you’re no longer interested in can help keep your Instagram feed filled with things you love.

App-Free Ways to View Instagram Unfollowers

 If you’re not keen on using third-party apps, there are still ways to keep an eye on your followers. You can manually monitor followers by contrasting your current list with an older one. It’s like checking if all your toys are still in the box. Additionally, you can take screenshots of your followers’ list over time to spot any changes. These methods might not be as fancy as an app, but they can get the job done without any extra fuss. 

How to Quickly Prune Your Instagram Followers List

Imagine you have a big pile of toys, and you want to organize them quickly. Similarly, you can unfollowed multiple accounts on Instagram in a faster way. One way is by using the “Following” list in your profile settings. Another trick is to unfollow inactive accounts or accounts that no longer post things you’re interested in. Just remember to follow Instagram’s rules while you’re doing this – no need to rush too fast! 

Reasons for Losing Instagram Followers

Unfollowers don’t necessarily indicate mistakes. Here are some common reasons people may stop following you on Instagram:

  • Buying fake followers gets them purged when Instagram cleans up bot accounts. Don’t waste money on these short-term gains.
  • Trying to cheat the system using automation and bots can get your account “shadowbanned”. Your posts will be hidden, even from real followers.
  • Posting too frequently is just as annoying as posting too rarely. Find a consistent schedule that your audience appreciates.
  • Making basic mistakes like irrelevant content, poor captions, and not engaging with commenters turns followers away.
  • Posting on controversial topics that divide opinions causes some unfollows. Can’t please everyone!
Tips to Keep Followers
  • Post consistently with an optimal frequency – not too often or rarely.
  • Ensure your content is relevant, high-quality and appealing to your target audience.
  • Use appropriate hashtags and conversational captions to boost engagement.
  • Engage with commenters – reply, like comments, answer questions.
  • Avoid buying fake followers or using automation. Focus on organic growth by using TopFollow Apk


For most, posting 1-2 times daily is ideal. Post consistently at the same times to build a posting schedule.

11am-1pm on weekdays and 8-10pm on weekends tend to see higher engagement. You can test different times and analyze Instagram Insights.

Post engaging content daily, use relevant hashtags, run contests and giveaways, collaborate with others in your niche, and engage with your audience.

Reasons like inconsistent posting, boring content, buying fake followers, inappropriate posts, or getting shadowbanned can cause lost followers.

Delete obvious spam, but engaging with commenters boosts reach. Disable if you get excessive unwanted comments.


 And there you have it! While Instagram doesn’t make it super easy to see who unfollowed you, there are ways to approach this curiosity. However, third party apps can show you who stopped following your Instagram account, but come with security and privacy risks.Whether you choose to use apps like FollowMeter (with caution), track your followers manually, or unfollow accounts in a mindful manner, remember that the most important thing is building genuine connections and enjoying your time on Instagram.  So, the next time you notice someone’s missing from your followers’ list, don’t fret too much. Instead, focus on the people who are excited to follow your Instagram journey. Don’t obsess over every unfollower – after all, real connections matter more than vanity metrics.

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